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I am Grace

Sexuality Bi
Race Caucasian
Measurements 38-36-38
Age 49
Build Medium
Height 5'9''
Hair Color Brown



0908 082 9235

Sexual Interests

Don't play by yourself honey, Mommie is here. I have a very sexy voice and an incredibly dirty mind. Cuckold, panty boys, incest are just some of the fantasies that turn me on!


I like to take care of people. I am a very nuturing and loving woman which is one of the reasons why I enjoy Mommies fantasies which often times lead to more mature sexual desires since in spite of being less then 50 years old, I had a lot of experience in raising brothers and sister and took on a motherly and mature role from a very early age.

I am a 46 year old woman who was raised an a large family. I was the older of 6 children and because our parents were always out trying to earn a living, a lot of the responsabilities of raising kids fell on my shoulders. This has turned me into a very mature woman and I love to have sex and interract with men who are either very young or much older than me.

0908 082 9235


Calls cost £1.50/min Callers must be 18+ & have bill payers permission